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"Obi has a solid understanding of the Investment Banking business which lends itself to a level of awareness of the challenges and culture, and ultimately results in solutions that are fit-for-purpose."

Senior Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"Obi created a wonderful space for the team to speak honestly and openly about their level of well-being and self-care approaches.”

Michelle Jardine, Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships, Starlight Children’s Foundation

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Inclusive Leadership & Empowered Relationships

The test will measure your team against the 5 success factors that make up our Our SHARE Leadership method

Seek feedback

There is mutual support and trust – you look out for one another. You have a feedback culture, with mistakes viewed as opportunities for learning and development.

Have accountability

Your team has a shared purpose, with clear roles and responsibilities. There is transparency in the way performance is measured – KPIs for example – and how each role contributes to your collective success.


Your team regularly explores how you can do and be better. You have confidence in your ability to successfully navigate change together, however complex.


You understand that relationships have to be nurtured. You are committed to inclusion and regularly seek to strengthen connections - with yourself, team members and key stakeholders.


You are aligned around a common vision and leadership is a hat that everyone wears. There is collective commitment to continuous improvement, and you are all "in it together".

Three simple steps to better team performance

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Challenge and bravery

Focusing on ‘what’s emerging’ helps teams to feel free to explore more possibilities and solutions

"I would recommend Obi to any team who’s serious about making their working environment more human. She helped us scratch behind the surface of our work and really strengthen our relationships. Obi’s work is not for the faint-hearted. We all had to be brave together as a team.
We left the session with a clear plan which felt authentic and true to our vision. We loved Obi’s mix of challenge and playfulness."

Jeanette Bain-Burnett, Head of Community Engagement, Greater London Authority

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